Krasnobrzeg (Szczecinek municipality / district Szczecinek / province. West), a tiny village in a lovely forest with a lake Wielatowo - is located on the area covered by the protection of Natura 2000.

Natura 2000 is a new form of nature protection, which complements the current system of protected areas and objects.

The Natura 2000 areas considered most important for the conservation of endangered or rare species of plants, animals, or characteristics of the natural habitat of importance for the protection of natural values ​​in Europe, ie. biodiversity.

Wielatowo Lake (Eldorado 2005)

One of the least frequented lakes Drawskie Lake District - surrounded by beautiful beech forest. They live in the colorful perch, which owe their amazing coloration dark, but clear, humic lake waters.

Wielatowo lake lies 8 km north of the basin Parsęta Szczecinek, at an altitude of 146 m above sea level Its area is 186 ha, maximum width - 1.2 km, length - 2,3 km, while the deepest hole does not exceed 5 meters. The bottom is mostly sand and gravel, in places - especially on lying in the middle of the lake underwater hills - dotted with large boulders. The banks are low and completely overgrown with forest.

Until recently it was known Wielatowo with a powerful perch population, which only a few anglers fishing there was only caught on live and dead fish. Today the firm is dominant predatory perch here. Where to look? My friends, regulars of this lake, say the classic - on the slopes, hills, and the underwater obstacles. I would add that the feeding perch in Wielatowie especially after 15 August is an extremely spectacular, which themselves betray its presence. I will tell you a mystery, as it is sometimes dry spinning here as in medicine, until recently did not know the predators wielatowskie rubber lures ...

In addition to perch and pike can be caught here bream and roach, rudd and bushes ubiquitous. Of course there are also rope and even real gold, now called noble, crucian carp.

Nevertheless, here is an interesting flora. In the past, given that there was here a very rare plant characteristic of the poor and the Scandinavian mountain lakes: poryblin Jeziorna (Isoetes lacustris), and even today have failed to confirm this, a good state of the lake and the lack of pollution pose a hope that the species still exists here. Certainly grow in the lake: wywłócznik skrętoległy (Myriophyllum alternifolium) - a species typical for oligotrophic lakes, and jeżogłówka Related (Sparganium angustifolium). In beech the lake, the old settlement with the south shore, is the position of mountain species - kokoryczki roller.

From the west, adjacent to the lake peatland "Kusowskie Swamp". Equally interesting are the areas north of the "Kusowskiego Swamp," where there is a second, slightly less well-preserved bog Baltic states - "Brzezinski Swamp", and a complex of lakes and water lily ponds with small positions.

Charles Zacharczyk

DISTRICT SZCZECINECKIEGO most beautiful places of tourist routes traverses 37: 17 bike (bicycle trail Red "szczecinecki LAKE" passes through fantastically educated postglacial protected landscape area "szczecinecki LAKE", with the area. 18 thousand. Ha, lying north of the city bristle. Three times he crosses the Gwda upper stream flowing through the two infinite, the largest lake in Drawskie moraine: WIELIMIE and Wierzchowo. runs near 15 lakes formed in variable terrain, full of hills, mountains and hills, valleys poprzecinanym rivers and streams. ancient avenues: maple-jaworowymi, linden and oak, connecting the villages, visiting hidden behind a veil of old trees old churches, mansions and palaces. climbs the moraine ridges of hills, including the highest in the north - east. Drawskie Lake District of POLAND called LEAD (203 m), offering unforgettable panorama) 5 canoeing, 5 foot, 6 horses and 4 natural educational path.

The total length of routes within the district is 1107.2 km. They follow the wilderness, little frequented the old avenues: maple-jaworowymi, linden, jesionowymi, oak, birch and beech, for hidden among the hills and hills, woods, meadows and fields, small villages and towns. They focus mainly along the string of lakes, valleys, rivers and streams. Pass through the threshold of old water mills, water, chin, and small hydroelectric dams. Uncover the treasures of past centuries, transoms, neo-Romanesque and Gothic churches, mansions and palaces slumbering in the shadow of old trees park. Embrace irrational, reckless, unfathomable, until the end of undiscovered, natural beauty and richness of Middle-Pomeranian nature. Przetykają variable, colorful mosaic jeziorno-moraine landscape.

West Region is one of the most valuable natural Polish regions.

Most refuges proposed Natura 2000 designated because of the existence of "valuable for Europe 'habitats and species in the area Szczecinek are:

  • Bobolickie lobelia lakes (11), a team of very well preserved oligotrophic lakes and bogs, scattered among the beautiful beech;
  • Szczecinecki Lakes (12), the area known as the "natural essence of Western Pomerania," because everything is here - beech and oak-hornbeam forests, lakes, Lobelia, eutrophic and ramienicowe, fens, transitional and high-Baltic type;

Szczecinecki Lakes are located in Western Pomerania, near Bobolice and Szczecinek. It is an area with a very varied landscape, the area is occupied mostly by mixed forests and coniferous habitats Agricultural and inland waters. The area includes: Kusowskie Swamp - one of the best preserved and most valuable type of Baltic raised bogs in Poland, lobelia lake Wielatowo, a complex of beech Wielatowskich, Brzezinski Marsh - a complex of coniferous and birch swamp with dystrophic lakes, growing in peat bog of the Baltic type, complex, oak-hornbeam and fresh meadows surrounding the lake Trzebiechowo, Lake Wierzchowo with unique vegetation and ramienicową rdestnicową, grading around the shores of lakes and Wierzchówko Wierzchowo, Big Mud bog - a remnant of raised bog of the Baltic type, adjacent to the lake moss Drezno

The western part of the area is one of the most valuable natural sites in Western Pomerania. There are, seed stands lofty ash and beech. About half the area is located within the Protected Landscape Area of ​​"Lake szczecinecki" and forestless Kusowskie part peat marsh is protected as a site of ecological interest.

Szczecinecki Lakes are particularly attractive place because of the natural values​​. Focused on a small area are all the elements typical of Western Pomerania. It is a place of concentration of unique species and habitats, which makes it for nature lovers, this is one of the most valuable natural objects. This area is particularly attractive for boaters and lovers of windsurfing. Lakes situated in the area are linked in most rivers and waterways, making it suitable for hiking canoeing. An attraction of this area is the canoe trail "loop Szczecinecka" which leads through three rivers and 9 lakes, including the lake Wierzchowo.

Interesting places in the area:

Hiking tours: Neo-Romanesque church Annunciation N.M.P. built in the nineteenth century stone and brick, fencing of the 177 boulders boulders, limits the scope manor-park, the largest of the granite stones have a circumference of 4.1 m and 1.8 m protrudes above the surface of the earth, half-timbered manor house from the mid-nineteenth century

Old Wierzchowo
Hiking tours: Neo-Baroque church M.B. Good Counsel of the late eighteenth century, with active bodies; bolt tower with a domed cupola of the nineteenth century

Trzebiechowo - the kingdom of oaks
Hiking tours: oak alley 1.1 km in length, with trees with a trunk circumference of up to 3.5 m, two huge oak trees with a trunk circumference 6.8 mi 4.85 m; giant oak tree trunk with a circumference of 8.45 m, whose age estimated to be 500-600 years; palace, built at the turn of the century in the style of English Gothic Revival, neo-Gothic church M.B. Czestochowa in the nineteenth century

Hiking: 8 acre, naturalistic park stretching along the lake.

Wierzchowo - a town located in the center of the site, between the lakes and Wierzchówko Wierzchowo
Hiking tours: church p.w. Assumption N.M.P. of the eighteenth century, 150 meters to the north of the village is located conical mound of lowland VIII - XI century ancient oaks covered; przypałacowy park with old trees, oak-beech.

Spore - a village situated 11 km from Szczecinek going in the direction of Koszalin. The new observation tower foresters in Dispute is a true miracle of engineering. 45-meter giant was erected in little over a month! - From this height you can see forests within a radius of about 20 kilometers. Tower open to tourists.

Setae - the main tourist resort land szczecinecki

Tourism Sightseeing: Castle of Pomeranian Dukes XIV, fragments of fortifications "Pomeranian" Saint tower. Nicholas - the seat of the Regional Museum, with elements of neo-Gothic Town Hall neoromańskimi of 1852, the neo-Gothic church NNMP of the 78-meter tower, church Holy Spirit, built in 1923, called the Polish Church.


Cycling: a nodal point five bicycle routes - "Around the Lake Trzesiecko", "szczecinecki Lake", "Valley Parsęta", "Nizica", "Enchanted Landscapes".

Hiking: Urban park lake Trzesiecko founded in the eclectic style of the tower, three hiking trails - "Around the Lake Trzesiecko", "circular trail around the Szczecinek", "terminal moraine hills trail" nature trail "Forest Monastery".

Horse riding, three horse trails - "Trail Lakeland Drawski", "On the peninsula", "Wilczkowski".

Travel Kayak: Three canoe trails - "Loop Szczecinecka", "Nizica", "The river".

Tourism and recreation - Leisure, Active: Sport and Recreation Centre with indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and football stadium, the town beach, a cruise ship stop "Danusia II" Water Sports Centre, jet ski lift.